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CaptiveAire Commercial Equipment

A leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen ventilation systems for over 40 years, Captive Aire commercial equipment includes a comprehensive line of fans, hoods, ductwork, and HVAC equipment. 

They offer complete solutions to commercial ventilation and are known throughout the industry to deliver sustainable and reliable equipment in a timely manner.  

K & D Mechanical, Inc. technicians are skilled in installing, repairing, and maintaining a variety of CaptiveAire equipment in businesses throughout the Tacoma-Seattle metro areas. 

HVAC- Paragon DOAS

Paragon Dedicated Outdoor Air System quickly and efficiently brings outdoor air inside to improve the quality of the air.  It’s designed to conserve energy, which lowers operating costs while delivering precise humidity control and comfort.

To learn more, read this post about the Paragon DOAS.

Commercial kitchen ventilation

CaptiveAire products include Type I and Type II wall canopy hoods, standard baffle-type grease filters and UDS (Utility Distribution System) designed to meet all electrical and plumbing requirements for commercial kitchen appliances.

Fans & Ventilators

As you can see, they have exhaust fans and ventilators to fit all types of applications, including direct drive or belt drive, low profile gravity vents, high efficiency ceiling fans and centrifugal grease-rated inline fans.

Make-Up Air

CaptiveAire’s wide range of make-up products include accessories like cooling/heating modules, intake/discharge diffusers and motorized/no motor economy items.

Future posts will include detailed information on specific types of exhaust hoods and roof ventilators.  Please contact K & D Mechanical, Inc. for questions or estimates on your next commercial or industrial project.