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CaptiveAire Paragon Dedicated Outdoor Air System

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new scrutiny to the quality of inside air as we now know the virus spreads through the air.  Seattle and Tacoma businesses are looking for a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) that rapidly and efficiently brings outdoor air inside.

Visit our website to watch a video detailing how the Paragon DOAS works to clean indoor air and stop viral spread of diseases.

Ideal for commercial applications

With 40 years of ventilation proficiency backing it, Paragon DOAS by CaptiveAire is the perfect solution for commercial applications. It’s designed to conserve energy, save on operating costs while delivering precise humidity control and comfort.

K & D Mechanical, Inc. has a long history of installing a wide range of CaptiveAire equipment.  We can definitively state their reputation for building high quality units is well-earned.

Conserve energy

Designed to deliver revolutionary efficiency, the idea behind the Paragon dedicated outdoor air system was that any moving part should be able to modulate.  Like cruise control on your car, modulating components are key to maximizing capacity and efficiency.

The Paragon’s rare earth magnet inverter scroll compressor gets rid of the need for excessive cycling, premature unit aging, hard starts and unnecessary energy consumption.  It’s modulating technologies allow it to deliver higher efficiencies at part-load conditions.

Precise control

Managing humidity in a designated space is crucial to everyone’s comfort.  Even if the temperature is set to a perfect 70 degrees, it will not feel perfect when there’s too much humidity in the air.  Paragon has fully modulating refrigeration and optional hot gas reheat components that deliver the exact amount of air to obtain your set temperature and humidity.

In addition, variable speed components enable it to adjust heating and cooling capacity to match the required load.  The result is a consistent temp throughout your entire space to essentially eliminate hot/cold spots that are often characteristic of single stage equipment.

Superior efficiency

Revolutionary technology makes the Paragon up to 50% more efficient than other comparable units.  It’s capable of 21.3 Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER). That is 1.5 times the ASHRAE 90.1-2016 IEER standard.  With energy efficiency that high, it will exceed rising IEER standards for many years to come.

Features and benefits

24/7 real-time unit monitoring

CASLink is CaptiveAire’s proprietary cloud-based building management system.  Standard on all units, it collects real-time data that can be used for diagnosing purposes, verifying proper operation, recognizing potential issues, and analyzing efficiency.

It also allows for remote adjustments to the dedicated outdoor air system unit thereby eliminating the need for a tech to do an onsite service visit. 

As you can see, the Paragon DOAS is the solution for improved indoor air quality in restaurants, schools, hospitals, and many other commercial or industrial applications.

Contact K & D Mechanical, Inc. if you want to install a Paragon dedicated outdoor air system in your Puget Sound business or upgrade your IAQ system.