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K & D Mechanical Project Gallery

We have worked on commercial and industrial projects ranging from simple equipment installment to large complex systems. No matter the size and scope, all projects are done with the same care and precision. We work hard to meet your deadlines and never compromise on quality.

America's Best-Bonney Lake

It was a productive day out in Bonney Lake today. We delivered the new Carrier and Greenheck equipment. Our guys installed several Carrier Weather Maker RTUs complete with adapter curbs to get the newest America's Best open.

Pinoyshki Bakery & Café

Just completed another great project for Rubicon Construction. For this location, we provided and installed 4 split system heat pumps, two kitchen Captive Aire hoods and controls. We have about 250 feet of exposed ductwork, over 300 feet of refrigerant line sets down to the parking garage, and a ton of extra seismic and equipment supports!

Fast Fashion Brewing

Finished up work in Seattle at a new brewery near the stadiums and it’s been fun learning how the beer making process works! Anyone looking to assist with canning the beer they are always looking for people to sign up! We have the cooler running at 42° and the chiller has the holding vats at 29° the cold beer is cold! The boys did some nice work on this job.

IHOP-Oak Harbor

We helped out one of our repeat customers (IHOP) with their most recent restaurant in Oak Harbor stepping in to help another HVAC contractor. We set up the RTU's for proper outside air requirements, programmed the hood systems, and got the thermostats all dialed in.

Super Chix-Federal Way

Located in Crossings Shopping Center, Super Chix is ready to serve chicken sandwiches and frozen custard in Federal Way. We installed a full ductwork package with exposed spiral ductwork along with the proper equipment to keep their operation running smoothly.


Another Starbucks is open for business! We just completed this one in Fife in the old Johnny's Restaurant parking lot. It includes two Carrier RTU's, full ductwork and diffuser package, an ice machine and Surveyor controls.

Brinks Armored Service

We have the trust of Brinks Armored Service! Worked this remodel project with DB construction. We configured the vehicle exhaust duct work and then installed a new HVAC unit for what we believe is their future loose paper money and coin counting area. We had to be especially diligent on our two new 30-inch square concrete wall penetrations.

Farine Bakery & Café

Full mechanical on this project, it has a nice mix of exposed spiral ductwork and above grid duct. Our techs installed HVAC equipment, ductwork, CaptiveAire hoods, grease duct and equipment, louvers and refrigerant piping.

Puetz Golf Superstore

Time for some new equipment at Puetz Golf Superstore in Tacoma. Our crew spent a couple days of work setting up the package units and running new copper and electric to the roof for a couple of relocated AC units.

Greenwood Liquor & Wine

We gained a new customer this week. Even though we were shorthanded, our install department Mike and Brandon stepped up and got everything installed. Frank and James finished everything up and all systems are running. Justin and his family have a brand-new beverage cooler and freezer now!

MOD Pizza Olympia

Another Mod Pizza is coming to life! This one has us in Olympia on Cooper Point Road and includes installing complete ductwork and CaptiveAire oven hood for venting the pizza oven.

Seattle Glass Blowing

It's been a few years, but we were back at Seattle Glass Blowing reworking the makeup air. We made a big perimeter loop around the blowing studio with 18-inch spiral and then cut multiple 8-in holes into the spiral to stratify the air at their workstations.

Seattle Downtown Apartment Complex

We're running gas under the rooftop patio decking to provide gas service to two bbqs, a fire pit table, and 6 overhead radiant heat lamps.

MOD Pizza Issaquah

It was a chilly snowy morning, but the crew and Crane were scheduled! New equipment is set and project included complete ductwork, CaptiveAire oven hood for venting the pizza oven and bath fans.

Twisted Fork Saloon

Expanding from a panini shop into a full-blown restaurant and bar required a kitchen upgrade that included wall openings being cut for new grease duct and new CaptiveAire control panel being installed. The make-up air unit was set in approximate correct location while we continued our work.

Fire Station 14

Day one started with the MUA removal and ERV install as planned and crews went back to do the final ductwork connections. Once the new HRV system was up and running, we built a service platform with ladder for the final inspection with everything going as expected.

Sagemax Bioceramics

A long-time client, we are back here installing venting and afterburner piping for six new Nabertherm dental ovens. If you are a dental lab that needs bioceramics, this the place to get them!

Planet Fitness

Our very own Planet Fitness get a refresh! New restrooms and then out onto the main floor where all new in-ground electrical and rubber flooring will be installed.

Xfinity Gig Harbor

Completed the final inspection. ERV operation was checked and confirmed, rooftop package unit operation checked and confirmed, air balance performed, and all dampers marked with orange flagging tape.

One Main Finance

Expanding its footprint in its existing Tacoma location, we installed a new rooftop unit and ductwork package to accommodate the new floor plan.

Dreamland Kitchen

High pressure changeout for Dreamland Kitchen of Seattle. Two 300 foot, 2-inch lines upgraded to 2-psig pressure delivery. Found a couple leaks to fix first, then started on the change out. Cooks line is back online!

7-11 Auburn

It’s nice when we can build per plans with little change. This is an upscale 7-11 with exposed hardwood ceilings and ductwork.

Treasures From The Sea

Several years ago, we completed a full design/build HVAC for this building and now upgraded the 4th floor kitchen to a gas range. Also added a new gas range on the 1st floor so they can put together sample functions for clients.

Sagemax Bioceramics

Mike and Pete installed a new exhaust fan and ductwork, including a hood the customer provided. The damaged sheet metal ductwork was leaking moisture and we replaced it with new stainless-steel ducting.

Taco Bell

90-day tear down and rebuild of Taco Bell in Everett included new rooftop units. Roof curbs were located to cut openings in the roof. After framers leveled up the curbs, we set the equipment on the roof and began installation. This was an engineered job with Carrier RTUs, which included ice machines, walk-in cooler and freezer work.

Pocock Rowing Center

Installed new controls for their locker rooms and conference room, made critical adjustments to their 350,000 BTU Reznor serving multiple zones and replaced 3 Lennox rooftop units. We couldn't use a crane to move equipment to the roof, so used a 55' 10,000 forklift and then assembled a 2-ton Gantry crane on the roof deck.

Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel

After successfully installing a new Trane heat Pump with custom gravel guard for the condenser fan, our Service Tech took over to start up the system.

Krispy Kreme

The equipment replacement went nice and easy with Lennox’s like-for-like unit and adapter curb. Our install crew started early in the morning, so it was up and running before the day got too hot.

Nail Salon Puyallup

Our technicians installed a new HVAC unit, which was a replacement of a 30-year-old unit.

Paradise Inn

Worked at the Paradise Inn on Mt. Rainier to fix the kitchen hoods for the 2020 season. After pulley and sheave change, we were successful with our upgrade and achieved our CFM/RPM targets on the existing fans on the Gaylord kitchen hoods. RPM targets: EF-1 is 2103 (target was 2093) and EF-2 is 2352 (target was 2332). CFM targets: EF-1 is 7,100 (up from 5,100) and EF-2 is 5,850 (up from 4,120).


New Starbucks in Elma had equipment and main ductwork put in by another company. We then took over to detail it out per their blueprints. This included installing grills, registers and Surveyor system.

Seattle Glass Blowing Studio

New exhaust venting to improve air circulation and changed the look of the hood, which involved taking down the old stack and removing the inefficient propeller fan. We then redesigned the ductwork and connected into a high efficiency Captive Aire VFD compatible direct drive Utility Set Fan.

Seattle's Favorite

Installed a new compressor and condenser section for their bagel walk-in cooler.  Quarterly Preventative Maintenance program for coolers, freezers, RTU equipment, exhaust and radiant heaters so when an evaporator coil failed, Ryan had them up and running again fast. Also rerouted a 1-1/2 inch, four million BTUs, 2psi gas line to new dishwasher line.

Twin Peaks Restaurant

Installed 4 Carrier 12.5-ton rooftop units, ductwork and kitchen hood exhaust fans.  The whole team was on site to finish:  Mike worked on controls for patio heaters, Pete anchored down equipment and installed the last registers, Dalen set up the thermostats and sensors while James worked on 'start and test.'

Parmigan Ridge

Our gas piping plan for the Parmigan Ridge classroom included gas piping install to 9 modular classroom heaters.

Trident Naval Base

Installed the server's air conditioning for their pure waste operations center for the submarines.  All refrigeration systems were pressure tested, evacuated to around 300 microns and each units' required R-410A refrigerant has been weighed in.  Disconnects are on and crank case heaters are warming up the compressors-everything is ready on our end for the Johnson Barrows start-up crew.


Installed 8 rooftop units totaling 116 tons of cooling and an ARID-Dry 5000/6000 capable of removing up to 300+ gallons of moisture from their humid grow room every 24 hours.

Lazarus Naturals

At the Ballard location of Lazarus Naturals, our crews reconfigured their venting systems to get more site-specific exhaust accomplished.

LaBella Proctor

Located in the Proctor District in Tacoma, this project included exposed ductwork, so we detailed the duct-sealer at the joints. Pete and Frank installed the grills and registers.

Iora Primary Care

Installation of high efficiency Trane heating and cooling equipment complete with dehumidification and high CO2 monitoring and ventilation capabilities.

Calsak Plastics

Removal of old split systems and installation of 2 new heating and cooling rooftop package units.  We dropped ductwork down to within 2 ft. of the existing distribution ductwork and tied into the existing supply while adding return air trunk lines to the new package units on the roof.