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K & D Mechanical Project Gallery

We have worked on commercial and industrial projects ranging from simple equipment installment to large complex systems. No matter the size and scope, all projects are done with the same care and precision. We work hard to meet your deadlines and never compromise on quality.

Lazarus Naturals

At the Ballard location of Lazarus Naturals, our crews reconfigured their venting systems to get more site-specific exhaust accomplished.

Calsak Plastics

Removal of old split systems and installation of 2 new heating and cooling rooftop package units.  We dropped ductwork down to within 2 ft. of the existing distribution ductwork and tied into the existing supply while adding return air trunk lines to the new package units on the roof.

Iora Primary Care

Installation of high efficiency Trane heating and cooling equipment complete with dehumidification and high CO2 monitoring and ventilation capabilities.

Sagemax Bioceramics

Mike and Pete installed a new exhaust fan and ductwork, including a hood the customer provided. The damaged sheet metal ductwork was leaking moisture and we replaced it with new stainless-steel ducting.

Frog Legs Culinary Academy

Installed a Captive Aire Type-1 hood system at their new location in University Village. 

Lakeview Church

Mike and Pete completed the installation of their Trane gas furnaces with AC during their recent expansion.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut had existing equipment, but we installed all new ducting and diffusers along with a new Captive Aire Fry hood and exhaust fan. 

Pocock Rowing Center

Installed new controls for their locker rooms and conference room, made critical adjustments to their 350,000 BTU Reznor serving multiple zones and replaced 3 Lennox rooftop units. We couldn't use a crane to move equipment to the roof, so used a 55' 10,000 forklift and then assembled a 2-ton Gantry crane on the roof deck.

Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel

After successfully installing a new Trane heat Pump with custom gravel guard for the condenser fan, our Service Tech took over to start up the system.

Seafood Processing Plant

We used our air quality expertise to diagnose a problem with a past repair on the utility set fan, which may have resulted in an incorrect backwards inclined exhaust wheel installation.

Seafood City Super Market

Installed a rooftop unit and Captive Aire Hoods to meet their final inspection deadlines.

Seattle Glass Blowing Studio

New exhaust venting to improve air circulation and changed the look of the hood, which involved taking down the old stack and removing the inefficient propeller fan. We then redesigned the ductwork and connected into a high efficiency Captive Aire VFD compatible direct drive Utility Set Fan.

Seattle's Favorite

Installed a new compressor and condenser section for their bagel walk-in cooler.  Quarterly Preventative Maintenance program for coolers, freezers, RTU equipment, exhaust and radiant heaters so when an evaporator coil failed, Ryan had them up and running again fast. Also rerouted a 1-1/2 inch, four million BTUs, 2psi gas line to new dishwasher line.


Installed 8 rooftop units totaling 116 tons of cooling and an ARID-Dry 5000/6000 capable of removing up to 300+ gallons of moisture from their humid grow room every 24 hours.

Trident Naval Base

Installed the server's air conditioning for their pure waste operations center for the submarines.  All refrigeration systems were pressure tested, evacuated to around 300 microns and each units' required R-410A refrigerant has been weighed in.  Disconnects are on and crank case heaters are warming up the compressors-everything is ready on our end for the Johnson Barrows start-up crew.

Twin Peaks Restaurant

Installed 4 Carrier 12.5-ton rooftop units, ductwork and kitchen hood exhaust fans.  The whole team was on site to finish:  Mike worked on controls for patio heaters, Pete anchored down equipment and installed the last registers, Dalen set up the thermostats and sensors while James worked on 'start and test.'

Kent Doggie Daycare

Installed Trane heating and cooling system with necessary ductwork connections for final mechanical inspection.

Tsehay Beauty Supply and Salon

Installed a central exhaust system to prevent odor migration into neighboring office.

Scott's Bar & Grill

Replaced boiler heat exchanger because old one was leaking into the burner section.  Also did some ductwork engineering and replaced the 300,000 BTU burner in their kitchen make-up air unit.