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Trane Voyager Line Offers HVAC Solutions

Trane equipment is one of our most installed brands and the reason why K & D Mechanical, Inc. has such a long history with local suppliers.  Selecting the right equipment for your Puget Sound area project is key and the Voyager line of rooftop units stand out as a top choice for light commercial applications.

Save on install & ownership costs

When it comes to running your business, every dollar counts and that’s where the Voyager line delivers.  For starters, your initial investment is lower as no competing light commercial RTUs have a lower installed cost. 

Plus, it’s ultra-high efficiency and low maintenance requirements translates into lower ongoing cost. No need to worry about delays either as it has a quick ‘order to ship’ time with most units being delivered in as few as two weeks. 

Advanced technology = innovative solutions

The ultra-high efficiency of Voyager units is made possible by Trane’s advanced technology that not only lowers ongoing operating costs but extends the reliability and longevity of the unit.  With proper maintenance, Trane equipment can operate at peak performance for as long as 20 to 30 years.

eFlex compressor & fan technology

Variable-speed compressors and fans are key to Voyager’s efficiency.  It exactly matches output to cooling demands. It operates at its fastest levels when demand is high and adjusts to slower speeds when demands decreases. 

Variable air volume (VAV) option

Voyager systems come in single-zone and multi-space VAV. It’s ReliaTel controls work with existing VAV solutions to interface with both Tracer and Tracker control platforms.  With single-zone VAV options, the system adjusts indoor fan and stage compressors as indoor as needed for precise temperature control.  

Trane Human Interface Panel

A factory-installed option, the large, easy-to-read color touchscreen display lets the user quickly see vital system information without requiring any decoding.  K & D technicians can monitor operation in real time while comparing current info to past performance, which helps us keep the unit operating at maximum efficiency. 

Being able to change specific system set points right from the panel helps with start-up, preventative maintenance items, diagnostics and troubleshooting items.

Factory-installed high short circuit current (SCCR) is optional and aids in meeting applicable building codes to guarantee code compliance.

High-efficiency air filtration

MERV 8 & 13 filters increase indoor air quality and comfort. MERV 13 filters remove contaminants as small as 0.3 microns in size, which includes bacteria, smoke, paint pigments or insecticide dust.

Durable condenser coil

More environmentally friendly, the all-aluminum microchannel (MCHE) condenser coil offers improved durability and reliability.

Hot gas reheat

Heat energy is recycled from the compressor, which decreases indoor air humidity.  This means you don’t need a separate heat source to do the job saving money and energy.  Sustaining comfortable indoor humidity levels increases comfort and can also prevent moisture-related damage, which can be costly to fix.

Configured to your specs

With models ranging in capacity of 12.5 to 25-tons, Trane offers a variety of factory-installed options for units to be customized to fit your specifications.  These are just some of the options available.

Maintenance-related items

Voyager units stand out with their cutting-edge technology and array of factory-installed features.  Contact K & D Mechanical, Inc. to schedule a bid for your Seattle-Tacoma area commercial project.