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Trane Precedent Line For Commercial Applications

Trane has several lines of rooftop units and the Precedent line is versatile to fit most light commercial applications.  Never prepackaged, K & D will configure units to our customer’s specifications, be it a simple or complex project.

These 3 to10-ton light commercial convertible units come with an unprecedented number of options, including a choice in controls-electromechanical or high-tech ReliaTel microprocessor controls.

Flexibility to meet your specs

Each unit is built with the features you select so you don’t pay for things you don’t need.  It’s compact cabinet has rounded corners for safety and easy handling.

What makes them high quality & reliability?

Single-side access door with a single point power connection and trouble-free access low voltage terminal board make Precedent units easy to install and service. 

Trouble-free servicing

K & D technicians like the Precedent’s many features that make regular maintenance easier.  For example, the multi-row condenser coil was built with gaps for effortless cleaning and the belt drive motors are simple to adjust. The ReliaTel system has built-in test modes and standardized components with colored, numbered wiring is helpful too.

Factory installed options

Indoor Air Quality features

CO2 sensing with demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) regulates rate of system bringing outdoor air inside. CO2 sensor measure concentration (parts/million) of CO2 in the air and as it changes, the outside air damper adjusts to meet the zone’s ventilation needs.

Ventilation override accessory allow it to be set up for 3 different pre-programmed sequences for smoke purge, pressurization & exhaust.

Dehumidification (hot gas reheat) decreases humidity levels & increases comfort level in the air space. The hot gas reheat coil gives maximum reheat temp and pivots for easy access cleaning.

Direct or belt drive evaporator fan motors for adjusting airflow requirements: barometric relief, phase monitor (on select ReliaTel models) and supply and/or return smoke detectors (certain models have minimum airflow).  

3 system controls

The Precedent line lets you pick system controls that best work for you.  The VariTrac control system has a thermostat and the intelligence for control in each zone.

The Tracker building management panel has microelectronic control and monitoring.  It has 2-way communication with Precedent and VariTrac and gives status points and alarm messages through its communication link. This results in a total Integrated Comfort System (or ICS).

Tracker software offers scheduling, monitoring and timed override capabilities along with local and auto dial-out indication of alarms.  The user-friendly interface is simple to use with icons on the keypad and 2-line LCD screen.

When paired with Precedent, the Tracer Integrated Comfort System delivers the best in centralized control, monitoring, energy management and equipment diagnostic functions. With Tracer, the user is able to monitor and control the operation of each RTU and coordinate their operation with other HVAC equipment.