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Light Commercial Odyssey Split Systems

Odyssey split systems provide cooling, heat pump and air handling in a versatile two-part configuration for light commercial applications.  K & D Mechanical can mix and match from compressors and air handler units with 6 to 25-ton capacities with matching single- or dual-circuit air handler units.

Flexible application solves install issues

With its flexibility and compact design, it’s perfect for office buildings, churches, schools, and industrial facilities.  Basically, any application where rooftop units aren’t an option because of design and/or structure limitations or safety concerns.

Outdoor units can be placed where they aren’t exposed to high winds or harsh weather. Retrofits are simpler as units with smaller air handlers can be installed in confined spaces and fit through standard doorways and freight elevators.

Benefits of Odyssey split systems

Systems are comprised of an indoor section (fan, indoor cooling coil, heating section and filter) and matching outdoor section (compressor and condenser) connected by refrigeration tubing.

Odyssey split systems offer many benefits.

Single, dual & manifolded compressor options

Single compressor outdoor units have single refrigeration circuitry that requires only one set of refrigerant lines to lower installation cost.

Single refrigerant/capacity unloading models feature dual manifolded scroll compressors with two stages of capacity modulation and a single refrigeration line.

Dual compressor/dual circuit models have stand-by protection.  For example, if one compressor fails, the other automatically starts up. 

To save energy, only one compressor operates during light load conditions.  Since the refrigerant circuits operate independently, the first compressor can be serviced without shutting down the unit.

Symbio digital controller = better connectivity

Adding the Symbio controller to your Odyssey system takes building control and connectivity to a higher level. You can custom program heating, cooling, and ventilation to improve air quality with better humidity control and CO2 monitoring.

Symbio’s service and installation phone app gives our technicians (and owners) remote access to track diagnostics, monitor activity, and respond to alarms from anywhere. 

It also integrates with Trane Tracer Synchrony and Concierge Controls systems and Trane Pivot Thermostat for advanced control of comfort settings.

Why add Symbio to Odyssey systems?

Split systems are the full package

Light commercial Odyssey split systems deliver reliability and value in a variety of applications.  Like all Trane equipment, it’s backed by their warranties to give you peace of mind that your system will run as intended.

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