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HVAC Trane Commercial Rooftop Units

K & D Mechanical, Inc. installs Trane HVAC equipment because they offer a wide range of quality commercial equipment that deliver innovative solutions in an environmentally friendly package.  That, combined with our long-term relationship with local suppliers, is why Trane is one of our preferred brands.  

Why Trane equipment?

Started as a family business over a century ago, Trane has become one of the most trusted names in the HVAC industry.  They have a consistent history of energy efficient equipment that meet (and exceed) the comfort demands of customers, which saves on operating costs.

Rooftop units

Trane has flexible rooftop models for virtually any commercial or industrial application, from a small retail store in a strip mall to a large manufacturing center.  Between their ready out-of-the box and design-build customization options, we can configure the exact system for our customers’ project.

Light & large commercial RTUs

This post focuses on rooftop equipment as they make up a large part of our installation and replacement work.


These units can be mounted on rooftops or next to foundations and deliver high efficiency heating and cooling in a single unit. Available in cooling-only, heating-only, or combined units with dual fuel, heat pump and gas-electric options.


An affordable option, Foundation units are perfect for replacements on light commercial applications. They fit Trane and non-Trane footprints without having to use curb adaptors and more easily match existing ductwork in most buildings. 

Its simple design delivers reliability and durability at a competitive price.  To reduce cost, this line includes only essential features (partial list below) so you’re not paying for extras you do not want or need.


Comfort paired with ultra-high efficiency, these units can be customized with a wide range of factory-installed options and accessories to fit your needs.  This flexibility is what makes them ideal for simple light commercial jobs or complex industrial applications.

Available in high efficiency or standard cooling capacities, here’s some of the factory installed options.


A split system, these compact units offer easy servicing, built-in reliability, ease of installation and condensing units that can be matched with Trane custom air handlers.

Single compressor outdoor units have single refrigeration circuitry that requires only one set of refrigerant lines to lower installation cost.

Single refrigerant/capacity unloading models have dual manifolded scroll compressors with two states of capacity modulation and a single refrigeration line.

Dual compressor/dual circuit models have stand-by protection so if one compressor fails, the other automatically starts up.  To save energy, only one compressor operates during light load conditions.


Known for being dependable and efficient, Voyager light and large commercial units are designed for use on all sized projects.  With a whole host of factory installed options, we customize units to your precise needs.  

With industry leading efficiency and lowest installed cost, no other unit has a lower total cost of ownership as you’ll save on utility bills and maintenance requirements. With fast delivery times, we can have it in as few as 2 weeks.


Leading the industry with energy efficiency at low operating cost, we can configure these units for your project needs.  Factory programming and field programmable controls and diagnostics deliver real-time building information for maximum performance.

K & D technicians work on all types of commercial projects in the Seattle-Tacoma area and therefore, are skilled at installing and servicing all models of Trane RTUs.