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Fresh Air Restaurant System By Captive Aire

Fresh Air Restaurant System by Captive Aire was designed to improve kitchen ventilation.  It replaces multiple roof top units with the Paragon DOAS, an all-in-one system with the following benefits:

Let’s compare the Fresh Air Restaurant system with the traditional system to understand why it’s a better solution for Puget Sound restaurant owners.

Fresh air vs. recirculated air

A traditional system with multiple roof top and make-up air units recirculate air, which contains viruses, contaminants, grease, and odors.

The FAR (Fresh Air Restaurant) system is constantly bringing in highly filtered clean outdoor air to substantially reduce allergens, airborne pathogens, mold, and other impurities.

Higher level of comfort

Depending on the equipment in a traditional system, large temperature swings and humidity increases can be an issue.  The FAR system delivers a higher level of comfort due to its precision temperature and humidity controls.

Efficient vs. expensive

Traditional systems can be inefficient and that means they work harder so you spend more on utility bills that needed.  The FAR is an all-in-one system that achieves maximum efficiency to save money on utility bills. 

Since it’s one system, you’ll save money on installation as we only need to install one roof penetration and one duct system instead of multiple units.

Integration = smarter

As mentioned earlier, traditional systems are made up of multiple units often serviced by different companies.  When something goes wrong, the various suppliers (of said equipment) may not take responsibility.

Since the FAR system is a singular solution with integrated equipment, the techs at K & D Mechanical, Inc. are qualified to service it.

More user-friendly

When issues arise in a traditional system, it can be difficult to pinpoint the problem and downtime can lead to lost revenue.  The FAR system is state-of-the-art and comes standard with CASLink-Captive Aire’s building management system. 

CASLink lets you monitor and control the entire system from any device (including mobile) 24/7.  Its interface is easy to use. You will see issues in real time and remote access lets you adjust settings as needed.

Fresh Air Restaurant System is easier

Because it’s one system, the Paragon DOAS is easy for restaurant owners to implement and maintain.  You won’t have to coordinate between several installers as the equipment is from one manufacturer.

With up to a 21.3 IEER (1.5 times the ASHRAE standard), you’ll save energy and that translates into less money spent on utility costs.

Long life means peace of mind.

Build to last 25 years, the performance of this system is second to none.  All units come standard with a 5-year parts warranty.  In addition, an extended 10-year full unit warranty is included (at no extra charge) if you maintain it with a CASService Preventative Maintenance subscription (terms and conditions apply).

To learn more about Captive Aire’s Fresh Air Restaurant system and other commercial HVAC equipment, contact K & D Mechanical, Inc.