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Foundation Light Commercial Rooftop Units

Built in response to customer feedback, Trane’s Foundation light commercial rooftop units have a broad range of capacity (3-5 ton and 15-25 ton).  The Foundation line fits Trane and non-Trane footprints without the need for curb adaptors and match existing ductwork in most buildings.

Trane manages manufacturing and warehouse availability to ensure Foundation units are always ready to ship, sometimes even the same day you order.  This is why K & D Mechanical, Inc. recommends them as a replacement option for suitable light commercial applications in the Seattle-Tacoma area.

Affordable RTU replacement

Delivering reliability and durability at a competitive price, Foundation units include only essential features, so you aren’t paying for extras you don’t need or want.

Features that reduce costs

Trane designed the Foundation line to be a viable option for replacing aging rooftop units. Therefore, its footprint is compatible with most roof curbs without modifications or adaptors.  This (and items listed below) result in a faster, easier, and less expensive installation.

Efficiency saves money

In addition to saving money on the install, you’ll save on operating costs for your business because Foundation rooftop units comply with ASHRAE’s efficiency standards. 

Why?  Many rooftop units over 5 years old may not meet today’s standards for energy efficiency.  This may be costing you more money than you realize when you add up the monthly savings from high efficiency equipment.

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