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CaptiveAire Commercial Exhaust Fans

CaptiveAire commercial exhaust fans are made to fit all types of Seattle and Tacoma-area businesses.  The experienced techs at K & D Mechanical, Inc. have years of experience installing and maintaining CaptiveAire equipment as well as other brands.

Commercial exhaust fan options

With a vast array of models and options for customizing, CaptiveAire has exhaust fans to fit your usage. 

Direct drive axial fans

If you need affordable exhaust for an area with little or no ductwork and fairly low to moderate resistance, an axial direct drive fan is the ideal solution.  Available in roof or wall mounted models, their rubber vibration mounts help dampen motor sound for quiet operation.

Axial roof-mount models were made for general ventilation in low to medium pressure applications.  Depending on your needs, they come in direct drive, belt drive and low-profile options.

Axial wall-mount or sidewall propeller fans are mostly used in a factory or warehouse setting. In either a direct drive or belt drive option, you can order yours with wall housings, dampers, and weather hoods.

Ceiling & Inline

Their compact size and quiet operation make them the best choice for small areas, like bathrooms, offices, or storage rooms.

Centrifugal Downblast

In wall or roof mounted models, centrifugal downblast fans are another alternative for general exhaust applications.  Comes in both direct drive and belt drive, their heavy-duty construction includes weather resistance features to ensure durability.  

Centrifugal Upblast

Their purpose is to discharge air straight up and away from the roof.  Select one with a direct drive, belt drive or high-pressure option to meet your situation.  For added convenience, CaptiveAire has roof- or wall- mounted models.

Gravity Vent

If you need an economical solution for fresh air intake or pressure relief is required, gravity vents will do the job. In spun aluminum, you can choose from a square cover, low profile, or louvered options.

Centrifugal & mixed flow inline fans

When looking for a low cost and reliable air movement in non-grease and grease applications, these flexible fans are the answer. With square or tubular housing options, they are versatile to fix most applications.

Backward inclined utility set models

General duty or grease rated models available.  Made for restaurant duty, UL762 models are for high heat, high static pressure, and high grease applications.  Can be ordered with a curb-mounted option.

Up-blast centrifugal utility set

The CASRE offers excellent performance and a curb-mounted design that makes it easy to install.  It features components that make service and cleaning access simpler and safer, such as a tilt-out wheel and automatic safety lock with manual release.

Built to last, the motor base and shaft seals provide a double layer of protection to prevent water leaks into the building and grease from building up on the motor.  It’s perfect for high temperature and heavy grease applications.

General & restaurant duty utility set

A new product from CaptiveAire, the USBUI-RM offers a vented motor cover and continuously sealed housing for even better weather protection.  The Clean-out door and motor can be accessed from 3 sides making service and cleaning more convenient.

Comes with many options and discharge configurations for vertical, horizontal left or horizontal right. It’s another great solution for high temperature and heavy grease uses as it can be customized it to fit most applications. 

Contact James at K & D Mechanical, Inc. to schedule a consult for installation, replacement or to learn more about our repair/maintenance services for CaptiveAire commercial exhaust fans or other equipment.