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Canopy Exhaust Only Hoods ND-2 Series

A Type 1, wall canopy exhaust only hoods for use over 450, 600 and 700 F cooking surface temperatures from CaptiveAire.  K & D Mechanical, Inc. installs and services CaptiveAire equipment for a variety of Puget Sound businesses.

Made for commercial use, its aerodynamic design includes a mechanical baffle and performance enhancing lip for better capture and containment of cooking vapors.

Exhaust hood features

This hood can be purchased as a stand-alone item for integrating into your ventilation system or as part of a CaptiveAire package customized to your commercial specifications.

ND-2 Series advantages

ETL Listed for use over 450, 600 and 700 surface temps, this hood offers flexibility for business owners as they configure their kitchen ventilation systems.

As is the case with many CaptiveAire hoods, these models are built in six facilities across the country to reduce lead times and shipping costs.

Optional Make-up Air Accessory

The system provides the required make-up air, which is evenly distributed along the entire length of the hood via the first plenum while conditioned air is delivered through the outer plenum.

Optional Vertical End Panels (VEP & WVEP)

VEPs deliver better capture and containment by direction effluents into the hood and blocking cross drafts, which results in an up to 18% reduction in exhaust CFM.  This saves on fan energy and make-up air heating/cooling energy. 


The stainless-steel finish matches the hood and has double-wall insulated construction.  The gas chase allows for appliance lines to run between the wall and the end pane.  Adjustable feet may allow for a reduction in the required side overhangs.


The VEPs enclose the hood area to prevent flames or embers from escaping while ensuring equipment is not accidentally moved outside of the hood area.  Legs raise the bottom off the floor for easier cleaning and hemmed edges mean no sharp surfaces.

Wide Vertical End Panels (WVEPs) deliver an even higher level of heat containment and fire protection.  This is useful for high radiant load appliances, such as solid fuel.

Options for customizing hood

Professional installation

Contact K & D Mechanical, Inc. for an installation estimate for canopy exhaust only hoods or any commercial HVAC equipment for your Seattle-Tacoma area business.