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BLL Series Commercial Exhaust Only Hood

This exhaust only hood from CaptiveAire’s BLL Series is a Type 1, low proximity Passover exhaust hood for use over cooking surface temperatures of 400 degrees F.

K & D Mechanical, Inc. has installed this type of hood in many commercial settings throughout the Puget Sound area.

Versatile kitchen integration

This hood can be installed as a stand-alone appliance into your existing kitchen or be purchased in a fully integrated package.  The package is pre-engineered for maximum performance and includes the following:

Other available options include a listed exhaust fan, make-up air unit and factory-built ductwork.

Benefits of BLL Series models

For use over 400 degrees F cooking surfaces, it can be installed over ovens, steamers, kettles, open-burner ranges, griddles, and fryers.

Exhaust only hood options

Certifications by ITS

This means The BLL models have been tested and met the minimum requirements of a consensus of U.S. products safety standard.  In addition, the manufacturing site has been audited and has agreed to a schedule of factory follow-up inspections to continue strict adherence to quality control.

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